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For better planning and higher productivity. Do you and your team use Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Loop or The New Planner, in your daily work? Then you need the iPlanner Pro!

iPlanner Pro lets you securely connect your Microsoft Planner, Teams Task and Loop Tasks with any Outlook client,  from Microsoft Teams, extended to Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Start with a free 30 day trial period. 

Designed to help you and your team use Microsoft Planner more efficiently and productively in your daily work .

Better planning and higher productivity 

iPlanner Pro enhances Microsoft Planner by providing an app extension that securely integrates your Planner with apps in both Outlook and Microsoft Teams. With iPlanner Pro for Outlook, you can modify and complete tasks directly within Outlook across Windows, MAC, and iOS platforms. It allows you to generate a task from an email by transferring the email's subject and body into the new task. Additionally, it enables file uploads and link additions. To amplify individual and team efficiency, iPlanner Pro for Microsoft Teams offers robust planning capabilities combined with a collaborative task management tool that is designed to optimize both your personal and team's productivity.

Two Apps under the same iPlanner Pro subscription.

iPlanner Pro is an App family allowing you to easily manage, yours and colleagues Planner Tasks, across Microsoft 365, in Outlook, Office and Microsoft Teams, with a Personal Microsoft Teams App in Teams and extended to Outlook and Office, a Bot, Microsoft Teams Messaging extension and Microsoft 365 Copilot. 

iPlanner Pro for Outlook

iPlanner Pro for Teams

Easy deployment

No installation required.

Deploy iPlanner Pro in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams and have it available in Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Copilot.  On Windows, MAC, Web and Mobile. The deployment takes the same amount of time for 1 or 100 users. No device installation required.

At the tip of your hand

Available in 10 languages

Create, edit, update and filter your Planner tasks directly from any Outlook client, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Copilot

Use your iPlanner Pro App in English Español, Deutch, Français, 中文, русский, Dansk, Português, عربي and Svenska.

Get organized and book calendar time to work on tasks directly from the task in iPlanner Pro

iPlanner Pro For Outlook 

Get a free 30 day trial period. 

Most of your incoming tasks come to you by mail. With iPlanner Pro you can create, update and manage your Planner tasks directly in Outlook - including saving mail attachments or saving the e-mail. You can also book time in your calendar to work on your tasks and filter them by plan, bucket, label or status.

Create an easy workflow supporting a modern hybrid workplace.

Optimize your use of Microsoft Planner

Plan your tasks

With iPlanner Pro you handle all your Planner tasks directly from Outlook. You can:

  • Create a task
  • Manage tasks
  • Save an email or an attachment on a task

Create a tasks

Save an e-mail or attachment on a new or existing Planner Task.

Manage and organize tasks

Manage and organize your tasks directly in your Outlook.  

Complete tasks in a timely manner

Avoid stress, book time in your calendar to work on your tasks

iPlanner Pro For Microsoft Teams

And Microsoft 365 Copilot

Communicate and collaborate more effectively with your team members, stakeholders, and clients, and ensure that everyone is on the same page and aligned with the project objectives and expectations.

Get a free 30 day trial period. 

Managing your daily tasks and project tasks for your team

Plan your tasks

Using iPlanner Pro for Teams and Microsoft Copilot to help you get organized

  • Create a task
  • Manage tasks  
  • Update tasks

As a Project Manage

Manage and update tasks and monitor yours and your team's daily work. Keep track of projects and achieve more every day.

Better resource planning

Estimate time, cost, and quality of tasks and deliverables

Prioritize tasks based on their importance, and urgency, and avoid overcommitting or underutilizing your resources.

Monitor and track the progress and performance of tasks and resources, and identify and resolve any issues or risks that may arise

iPlanner Pro Copilot

Prompt in Copilot to get your Tasks:

  •  Using iPlanner, show me my due tasks this month
  •  Using iPlanner, show me my open tasks by [Priority], categorized by Task status 
  • Using iPlanner, show me my overdue tasks by Priority 
  • Using iPlanner, show me the Plans I am a member of

Easy deployment - No installation

Easy deployment with no installation required. Deploy the App in Microsoft 365 and have it available on Outlook for windows, MAC, Web and Outlook for IOS. The deployment takes the same amount of time for 1 or 100 users. 

No device installation is required.

Video tutorials

Find our full user-guide series on youtube to learn how to deploy and get started.


Fully secure and Microsoft App Certified

Microsoft 365 App Certification.

This means that your company will have the assurance and confidence that data and privacy are adequately secured and protected when the app is introduced to the Microsoft 365 platform and is fully backed by Microsoft. 

No data is saved locally on any devices nor does iGlobe save any of your application data.

You always stays 100% GDPR compliant 


Chose the subscription that fits

"A great complement to Outlook. I’m able to take full advantage

of Planner now." - Eric Currie 



*per user / month billed annually

More than 1000 users

*minimum 3 months

Fill out your information and you will receive an invoice and the next step to deploy the App. 

Purchase the App from Microsoft Store. 


Reviews for iPlanner Pro

The iPlanner Pro app has been positively received by our many thousands of users across the globe. Our reviews on Microsoft Office Store solidifies this. 

Read all reviews on the Store.

Planner Pro is the key that unlocks MS Planner to link outlook to tasks and is a tool that I use every working hour of every day. The time saved and the increased productivity easily justify the small annual cost. I'm very happy with this application.

Myles Treharne

Made me 1000% more organised by being able to add tasks from an email to a plan is the best thing to keep my to do list up to date. This has kept me focused and able to manage my growing workload. Fantastic product and you and your team are doing a great job. This has transformed my working life. I cannot recommend this enough, a must have.

David Caddick

I have used Outlook with iPlanner and it’s a seamless transition. It makes my workflow efficient and helps me easily keep track of all my incoming projects. Being able to attach files and easily search projects is also a great feature I often use. Highly recommended.

Sabine Main


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